Fabrication of Silver

It all starts with a sheet or some wire of Sterling Silver. Then comes the cutting, shaping, sawing, hammering, texturing and soldering – and when all this is done the cleaning and polishing begins. All of this takes considerable time and skill.


All the Engraving on our Jewelry is done by hand with many differently shaped Engraving Tools and special Hammers. A very steady hand, intense concentration and lot of patience are needed – one slip might destroy hours of work!


A flat piece of Sterling Silver sheet is held in place on a surface with some “give”. Many shapes of Steel Chisels are used with an Embossing hammer. The piece is periodically turned around to be worked from the back and the front to form a tridimensional Relief with intricate details.


A thin ribbon of Fine Silver is formed to outline the design. The resulting “cells” are then filled with enamels (powdered glass) in layers and fired in a kiln each time. This process is repeated until the cells are filled. Then the piece is ground smooth before it is placed in a Sterling Silver Setting.

Stone Inlay

This technique offers a wonderful way of combining the many colours and patterns of Natural Stone in a variety of geometric designs. It takes a lot of grinding and polishing on specialized equipment before a piece can be placed in its Sterling Silver Setting.

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